Schwing 51 Metre Boom

Schwing, Boom Pumps

The Schwing S51 SX weighs in at just under 40 tonne which makes this a very lightweight pump within the larger series.

Built with the new Dynarig support system, the pump is super flexible in terms of set-up, being seriously advantageous for cramped construction sites.

All 4 outriggers can be positioned as per the spacing conditions on site, with the smart controller automatically calculating the resulting reach. This flexibility, combined with the greener credentials of the lightweight truck, make this a versatile and dynamic boom pump

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This pump comes with an Operator and 15m of pipe on a daily hire.

It has 2 x 45 degree bends and 2 x 90 degree bends on the truck.

For any additional equipment, please enquire upon booking.