Putzmeister 20 Meter Boom

Putzmeister, Boom Pumps

The Putzmeister’s 20m Z-fold has a compact design which allows easy maneuvering through busy, urban job sites. The versatile four-section Z-Fold boom can operate in challenging places including areas with low ceilings.

A standard swivel elbow, off the back-end with a 90-degree pivot, also allows you to use the 20Z as a Line Pump.

Another integral component is the Ergonic Output Control (EOC) which reduces fuel consumption, wear and noise.

Suitable for jobs with restricted access, for example, small side streets where concrete must be pumped at height into an existing building, inside existing buildings where there may be a restricted unfolding height, though a boom can still be used.

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This pump comes with an Operator and standard rig – 30m of 4″ steels, 9m of 4″ flexi hose, 2 x 45 degree bends and 2 x 90 degree bends – on a daily hire.

For any additional equipment, please enquire upon booking.