CIFA 35 Meter Boom

CIFA, Boom Pumps

This super compact machine is mounted onto a six-wheel base truck for excellent maneuverability.

The CIFA 35mb is the ideal choice thanks to its Advanced Stability Control (ASC) which allows for an optimum short rigging system. Able to set-up pretty much anywhere this pump is great for on-the-road jobs, tight urban spaces or small worksites.

Additionally, the continuous rotation of the last segment of this 5 section boom gives it a significant manageability like no other, making it ideal for tunnels, flyovers and bridges.


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This pump comes with an Operator and standard rig – 21m of 4″ steels, 9m of 4″ flexi hose, 2 x 45 degree bends and 2 x 90 degree bends – on a daily hire.

For any additional equipment, please enquire upon booking.