Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Upon arrival to site the operator will liase with the client or foreman on the safest setup for the job.
  • Once the boom or pipeline has been setup the concrete can then be called in.
  • The operator will then mix up the grout in preparation of the concrete.
  • The concrete will then be poured into the required area.
  • Once all of the concrete has been poured the operator will fold away the boom and riggers. Should a line pump be used the pipeline will be blown out using compressed air. The pipeline will then be dismantled and loaded back onto the machine.
  • Once the pump is packed away the operator will then need to washout the machinery.

Concrete should be confirmed once the pump has arrived on site, however this may vary depending on set up time.

It can be supplied as a package concrete and pump, it is entirely up to the customer.

Always let your concrete supplier know it must be pump mix.

The cement is mixed with water to form a grout. This is then pumped ahead of the concrete in order to prevent blockages in the pipe line.

1 x 25Kg bags per 20 metres of pipeline.

This will depend on the size of the pump and the access. A site visit can be arranged if necessary or advice can be offered by Ramcrete.

It is used to wash out the excess concrete. It can be made from four wooden boards approximately 2m2 and a plastic sheet cover.

This can be hired from us directly

The Ram Pan (TM)