CIFA 60 Meter Boom

CIFA, Boom Pumps

Our new flagship machine for 2024!

Kitted with ‘Smartronic’ the CIFA 60mb has a unique electronic system which acts as it’s brain collecting and transmitting data so that it can provide information on the machine’s status at any time, and autonomously manages the pumping unit along with the pressure and speed of the motor to optimise performance.

The ASC (Automatic Stabilisation Control) system – integrated into Smartronic – monitors the machine’s stability in real time when the outriggers cannot be completely opened due to a lack of space on site. This smart system maximises the area the boom can reach in order to cast concrete under safe conditions, slowing down or even stopping the boom’s movements before stability is compromised.

In addition to these cutting-edge technologies, the CIFA 60-meter boom is made up of 6 sections, with the last 3 in carbon fibre which massively reduces the weight of the pump, allowing for greater stability in a plethora of combinations. Its  hydraulic arm is controlled with ABB (anti-boom bounce) which makes this a very reliable and secure component.

Equipped with RRZ folding geometry, the CIFA 60mb is a versatile, powerful and highly adaptable piece of construction machinery.

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This pump comes with an Operator and 4 x 4″ flexi hose, 2 x 45 degree bends and 2 x 90 degree bends – on a daily hire.

For any additional equipment, please enquire upon booking.