BML 12 Manual Spider Boom

, Placing Booms

The concrete placement boom model BML 12 is particularly suitable for concrete placing where direct distribution with truck-mounted concrete pumps or stationary concrete booms come up
against technical and economic limitations. The vertical swiveling distributor arm is a very helpful tool for distributing concrete on this model.

Areas of up to 430 mยฒ can easily be concreted with the BML 12 from a fixed place, avoiding the heavy work of delivery lines spread over the floors.



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It is made up of the following parts:

The base unit (B), made of a robust metal structure, is complete with telescopic jack arms fitted
with outriggers (C) which can be adjusted vertically to allow for a perfectly horizontal disposition
of the base unit itself.

The boom is made up of two arms:
1. the first section (A), mounted on a thrust bearing, is formed by a steel structure, supports
the piping (E) and allows the handling of the second section through a joint / bush;
2. the second section (F), as part of the delivery line, is structurally supported by a steel tie
The counterweight support (D) is positioned on the opposite side of the pipe and held in
position by a fastening pin.

The counterweight (H) could be:
– concrete version (NOT INCLUDED)
– steel version (OPTIONAL)
– with concrete case (OPTIONAL)

The BML 12 comes with SC55 โ€“ 125/148 weld collars as standard.